Welcome to our ever-growing network of up-and-coming creatives who are apart of our Ms. Pam community. Here you will find the solution to any of your creative problems. Please message us directly if you would like to get in contact with anyone from our team. 



Stella Cooper wants to do good. Taking that fuzzy, post-graduation uncertainty in her stride with the creation of Ms. Pam, Stella knows that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, and that the best skills are gained when directly responsible for something in the professional creative industry.

Stella graduated from RMIT in 2019 with a Bachelor of Communications (Advertising), and that fancy piece of paper has afforded her the ability to think critically and creatively about her work, all the while remaining ambitious and pushing boundaries. She has professional experience working with slow-fashion brand Bye Bambi, where she was responsible for much of the brands content creation, graphic design, social media, shoot production and styling.

Stella’s impressive suite of skills are supported by her knowledge of much of Adobe Suite, using applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and InDesign to assist with her creation of videos, graphics and branding. She has a meticulous eye for detail, and won't rest until every shade of green has the exact same hex code.

Check out her work here @commsbysc

Stella has learnt the rules, and is ready break them. She is on top of cultural trends, but is keen to push the boundaries to produce innovative, unique content. She’s a problem solver, and is keen to roll up her sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether that means holding the reflector on set or staying up till the wee hours to export the video that needs posting in the AM. If she isn’t the embodiment of an all-rounder creative, I don’t know what is.  



A woman of many angles, Claire is a hardworking shutterbug that allows herself to shoot a multitude of subjects and fields with the highest of quality and creativity. 

While finishing her Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at RMIT in 2019, Claire also completed a mentorship at the international production and photography agency, Sam I Am, led by commercial photographer Billy Plummer, where she experienced the joys of working within a collaborative and professional team. Claire was able to not only showcase her understanding of the nuts and bolts of photography but also how to translate theoretical ideas. 

Claire is a true-blue people person who can not only communicate a message through her work but through her divine social skills, at the same time ensuring everyone on shoot is on the same page and ready to roll. Her knowledge and use of professional equipment is sound and works with her expertise of both digital and film photography (cause we know that stuff ain’t easy!).

Trying on some different hats this year with the beginnings of Ms. Pam, Claire has also delved into the crazy world of social media, allowing herself to use her work as a tool to feature alongside copy and creative editing.

Go and check out her array of work at www.clairearmstrong.com.au

A real go-getter, Claire is determined to smash the stereotype of the lonely photographer, Claire’s cup of creative juices is always full to the brim. 



As a multidisciplinary designer, Maddie Clark isn’t afraid to dip her toes into unknown creative realms. With a ‘can do’ attitude and over 1.5 years of industry experience behind her, Maddie is always thriving to enhance her creative skillset and will never stop until all elements of her designs are met with extreme precision.

Maddie graduated from Monash University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Design, specialising in publication design, art direction (film) and also branding. Even though she couldn’t tell you the names of any of her tutors, since finishing her degree, she’s made up for lost time with significant hands-on industry experience.

From developing cookie packaging designs for a health food company, to becoming head of creative for international magazines ‘The Modern Day Living’ and 'INFLUENCED Magazine’, Maddie feels adept to take on new challenges, even though she’s still unable to properly use the pen tool on illustrator.

Maddie thrives working in a fast-paced, collaborative and team environment, however, also works well independently from home, with a good cult documentary on in the background… or dare I say Shrek The Third?



Tayla’s love for fits and business brought her to the Ms. Pam fam. Graduating from RMIT with a Bachelor of International Business in 2019, Tayla is here add a lil bit of business flare to the creative juices.

Nothing rocks Tayla’s socks more than a solid business plan and elite tone of voice. If anyone’s up for the task of creating brand lingo, it’s ya gal Tay.
The Pammy journey has only just begun and with Tayla guidance on all things businezz she’s in for a long one.



Finishing her degree in accounting from RMIT, Laura found herself working in a profession that didn’t quite fit her desire to for self expression and creativity in her career. Working in an accounting firm she loved some aspects, yet grew apart from the rigidity of her discipline. She pivoted, moving to a beauty tech company at the start of 2020 and trying her hand in multiple roles including brand marketing and commercial sales.

She has been able to work on product campaigns, commercials, packaging design, artwork, copy writing and new product launches which she has used to help her assist the Ms. Pam team to build even further.

Joining Ms. Pam she has combined her love of numbers and passion for customer experience to focus on product design, business structure and financials. She has found it super rewarding to be involved in a project from the ground up and has found new inspiration to embrace her own creativity.



Zane Friedler is a Sydney based photographer who has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. He is most prominently known for his major work, ‘its not going to be alright, not for me; she’s gone’ which explored grief and loss through memory.

On completion of studying at ACU, Zane has travelled abroad, as far as Asia and Europe has developed a new perspective in seizing the moments. Film photography is the main medium used throughout the artist’s practice as the images give an archival aesthetic creating an intimate relationship with the viewer .

In Friedler’s practice he portrays a sort of romanticism with dark nostalgia. With the current influences of many Australian subcultures and urban landscapes the artist captures the everyday through the lens in a documentary style. From shooting mates skateboarding to editorial photography the artist frequently employs a multilayered perspective in the world we live in.

Check out Zane's work here.



Based in Melbourne, Christian's work embodies a cartoon-like style, using playful imagery, colours and patterns to create designs for varying mediums.

Christian worked with Ms. Pam in 2021 to bring their tagline 'Jump In Early' to life by drawing on Australiana themes and humour.

Check out Christian's work here.



Starting in the 2020 lockdown, Claire and Josh turned their pottery hobby into what Blackheart Ceramics is today. Combining Claire’s skills in pottery and Josh’s tattoo background in paint, their pieces are truly unique and staples to anyone’s home. 

Blackheart ceramics worked with Ms. Pam to create something special for the 'Ms. Pam's Plates' campaign. 

Please check out and support their work over at @blackheart_ceramics



Grace Mills aka @graciedogood is a multi-faceted designer/artist/illustrator who likes to dabble in lots of different creative areas. Currently working as an illustrator in Naarm, her spare time is spent hand poking tattoos, travelling in her self-converted van @our.van.dottie and playing with clay. 



Kaitlyn Joan is a multidisciplinary artist based on the East coast of NSW. Kaitlyn aims to explore her continuous curiosities of the world throughout her visual practice. Influenced by suburbia and the beauty that lies within convention and the everyday. Viewing these themes from a zoomed out perspective allows Kaitlyn to gain a further understanding of the way in which all aspects of our community, society and the natural world work simultaneously to create this one larger image of life. Working across a variety of mediums gives her room to explore and navigate these links between aspects of society and reflects areas of the everyday through new perspectives. 



Emma hardy is a self -taught, multi medium Naarm/Melbourne creative. Her work frequents references to the diverse Australian landscape, human connection, colour and texture. Her love for photography and art have led her to focus on collage as a multimedia art form as of late. She is self-taught in Adobe photoshop and uses this to bring unique layers to her work. Emma’s influences come largely from her immediate environment. Whether that be local music and it’s corresponding artwork, Australia magazines, naarm based fashion brands, her friends and their personal style or her own photography.

Ms. Pam's Plates

May we introduce you to Ms. Pam’s Plates for 2021!

From the outset this may look like any usual drop of crockery, however what is really afoot is a beautiful collaboration between some of our talented local creatives and Ms. Pam herself. Throughout the rest of the year, we will be showcasing a big mixing pot of artists from a variety of industries, through their unique decoration of a dinner plate.

You’ll have the opportunity to bid on any of these masterpieces as they are released on Instagram, bringing a one of a kind piece of art into your home and supporting your local artists while you’re at it.



Georgia is a self-taught digital designer and artist based in Naarm. Georgia takes inspiration from her surrounds, particularly drawing from the world of music. From DJ set posters, to multi-media paintings, she likes to utilise an array of tools to play with colour and project personality into her work - typically alternating between bold colour choices and simple tattoo-esque line drawings. She is continuing to explore her creative identity alongside her work and studies in Youth Work, where she hopes to bring her passion for art to work with young people in art therapy.

Check out Georgia's work here.



Julia started tattooing in 2018. She is competent in a broad range of tattoo styles but prefers Traditional tattoos (read: tattoos that look like tattoos). She likes to experiment with bold colour combinations and patterns, and often draws inspiration from artists like Picasso and Van Gogh, as well as from vintage toys and children’s story book illustrations. You can find her at Crimson Art Collective in Footscray.

Check out Julia's work here.



Georgia is a multi-disciplined designer and illustrator based in Naarm. Her work often features dream-like scenes that are highly detailed and immersive. Her colour palettes are loud and unfiltered, much like her personality. Georgia collects much of her inspiration from the experimental scene of rave posters and the airbrushed artworks of 90s alternative rock covers. She has spread her creativity over so many mediums - street art, tattoo, print, apparel – and continues to find new ways to bring her art into reality.

Check out Georgia's work here.



Griffin McGrath AKA 'mango mahn' is a Melbourne based designer. McGrath studied graphic design at RMIT and the Art institute in Chicago, allowing him to develop a broad skill set creatively. During covid he started making and designing clothes with his label Hermann Studios. He says he likes it and won’t ever stop.

Check out Hermann Studios' work here.



An artist whose exhibited films, writing and drawing nationally and internationally. Telling stories and reflecting the world with symbols, sentences and my own sentiment. Not one thing.

Check out Finn's work here.